Women Top 5 Health Concerns

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Men and women both are concern about their health. Some of the health problems affect women widely in comparison to men. Women are the backbone of a family if they suffer from any type of health problem, they creates a negative impact on her family. In a survey, it has seen that women suffer more from stress ,heart attack,hormonal issues other health issues than men.

Apart from that,it has been found that female suffer more stress and anxiety than men… In this article, we will share some of the health issues of women.

Heart Disease

In recent age heart disease is considered as the leading killer of women and men both. 29% of deaths are responsible for women because of heart disease. The main trouble is a disability and the premature death because of this as per the National Women’s Health Networks executive director. Many women die in their 60’s because of this.

List of a risk factor for heart disease.

  •  Smoking
  •  Age Factor
  •  High blood pressure
  •  Obesity and overweight

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most common problem in women. 80% of women face this issue in their life. After lung cancer, breast cancer is in the second position, which is the cause of the women died. The doctor says that many women do not consult with the doctor because of the fear and hesitation.Its has been found that women ignore their own health while taking care of the family needs.

Some of the risk factors for breast cancer are mentioned below:

  •  Genes
  •  Personal history
  •  If they have any family history of the breast cancer
  •  If any abnormal breast biopsy happen earlier
  •  Chest radiation


Osteoporosis is the most common problem in women. Almost every woman face this problem. Due to the weak bone, women face the problem more than men. Once women steps in 40 they face many bone related problems.

A risk factor that includes osteoporosis are mentioned below

  • Age Factor
  • Thin bone, weak bone
  •  Ethnicity
  •  Due to menopause, it increases the risk of osteoporosis
  • The density of Vitamin D and Calcium
  •  Excessive alcohol
  •  Smoking


Depression is not only a problem that women face, but even men also face the same problem. As per the National Institute of Mental health more than 12 million women face the same health issue, where the number of male patients is only 6 million.

The risk factor of depression are:

  • Genetics
  •  Marital issues
  • Stressful events like death and job loss
  •  If the patient suffers from seizures or high blood pressure

Autoimmune Diseases

The autoimmune diseases are one type of disorder which attack the body immune system and it destroys the body tissues. In this disease category, more than 80 serious illnesses include like, diabetes, lupus, and multiple sclerosis. Though these diseases are not understood well. To get the risk factor of this problem is tough.

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