Is Obesity Genetic? What Kids Learn from Food Habits of their Parents?

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Do you know the topic that is in high popularity today?

Yes, it is none other than obesity. The issue is persisting even in small children.

Do you think that it is a genetic disorder? 

According to experts, obesity is not a genetic disorder. It is the result of substandard food habits. Kids use to learn about same from parents at home.

Learning Starts at Home

There is a well known proverb that learning starts at home. Similarly, children are too efficient to notice the diet of their parents. Foods that parents buy and bring at home attract them a lot. Finally, kids learn about these habits and mimic such choices. Children are too young to understand good and bad habits.

Recent survey data suggests that children start assimilating food choices that their honorable parents love. That too at a very young age! They hardly learn to appreciate the implication in association with these exclusive choices. It is a very good habit to take children to nearby grocery stores for making them teach something.

Children Picking Up Anything

The freedom that parents give to pick up anything sometimes leads towards negative outcomes. Children between age group of two and six years hardly have any maturity.
Among hundreds of choices in the grocery store including fruits, vegetables, bread,desserts, potato chips and many more; it becomes easy to pick up anything.

A questionnaire is filled by parents where they mention about the interval of purchasing foods along with their wards. Shopping trips where children accompany their parents are really memorable. Researchers conclude the fact that choice regarding food items made by children is a reflection of choices that their parents prefer.

Healthy Choice Resulting in Healthy Children

Healthy choice regarding shopping by parents results in healthier children. Intervention in nutrition for a child takes place during school days. Parents face a very hectic schedule and are in a hurry to pack lunch. As parents become choosy about diets, the same habit gets inculcated among children.

Maximum time junk foods and tasty snacks are included in lunch. Their taste in association lets the taste bud to react by stepping aside nutritious diets. It will be better for parents to take their children to grocery shops for education purposes. They must teach their kids to select nutritious diet plans instead of going with junk food items.

What Studies Reveal in Reality?

A mixture of healthy and unhealthy foods also results in gaining extra pounds. Parents must take out time to explain their children about high values in association with healthy and selective diets. Going with junk foods and snacks once will not do anything bad. It is a good habit to know about taste of each and every type of food.

It is high time to stay away from too much spicy and oily food items. Sweets not only contribute in gaining weight, but also affect teeth and skin health. Parents must teach their children to stay away from sweets.

Consumption of fruits along with vegetables and nutritious products like meat, fish and chicken at normal rate will prevent children from unnecessary obesity.

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