Importance of Calcium in health of women

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Women need sufficient amount of calcium for their body functions like blood clotting, nerve and muscle functions at different stages of life. Women should have the awareness of the concept of importance of calcium in their body.

In this regard, women should consume dairy products in sufficient amount to meet the needs of calcium in body. Women require calcium in adolescence period and also at the old age. Calcium Improves bone health in human body.

Women are more prone to deficit of calcium

During the growing periods, women require sufficient amount of calcium for bones and teeth. 99% of calcium is found in bones of women. Insufficient intake of calcium may put women at greater risk than men.

Women may be attacked by osteoporosis or weakening of bones. This disease is bone disorder of thinning and weakening. Ultimately, bones may be fractured at any time by any incident. So, maintenance of bones and teeth require sufficient intake of calcium.

Important foods rich in calcium

Some dairy products may contain sufficient amount of calcium. The list is described below:

● Raw milk
● Almonds
● Soya bean
● Yoghurt
● Ladies finger
● Leafy vegetables of dark green
● Dry fruits
● Orange juice

Quantity of calcium in different stages of women

Women should take sufficient food rich in calcium meeting specific requirements .Some dietary recommendations are provided by the authority. Women require calcium of 600 mg /day.

But,pregnant women require further me calcium like 1200mg/day. New born babies may require 500  mg/ day calcium up to 12 months. Children 1-3 years may require calcium 600 mg /day.
Children 4-6 years may require calcium of 600 mg /day.


Different functions of calcium in women body


1. In later life of women especially during menopause, loss of bone mass is common. In the adolescence period also, girls require extra calcium for bone health. So, women should take extra care for intake of calcium in every stage of life.

2. Calcium plays major roles in muscle contraction, transmitting messages by nerves and the release of several hormones. In deficiency of calcium, these major body functions may be hampered. Calcium with combination of vitamin D can function well in the human body. So, oral intake of vitamin D with calcium may be encouraged if suitable diet is not consumed.

3. Calcium is also helpful in losing weight in women because Increasing amount of calcium from the above food sources are healthy at the same time give you more satiety which reduce the hunger pangs and thus consumption on wrong food decreases and thats how it helps in reducing weight in women.

4. Calcium intake can help to remove the whitish spots on the face. So, perfect level of calcium helps to improve skin condition. Diet rich in calcium can help to improve skin condition of women. Calcium can also avoid the pre menstrual syndromes. So, calcium intake is essential for women at each stage of life.


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