Foods that will relief your child during fever

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Are you worried that your child is suffering from fever?? Well, it is the body’s way of showing that it
is fighting against some infection. When the body temperature rises to 100.4° Celsius or more it is
considered as fever. Moreover, it stimulates the defence mechanism of the body.

Fever can be caused due to the following reasons:

 Side-effect of certain medications.
 Viral and bacterial infections.
 Consumption of contaminated water or food.
 Vaccinations.


It is very difficult to diagnose the actual symptoms that your child is going through. This is because a
kid is incapable of properly expressing his/her feelings.
However, the most common symptoms of fever are as follows:
 Feeling either cold or hot more than the others present near to the child.
 Body ache
 Increase in lethargy
 Irritability
 Crying very often
 Headache
 Lack of interest in food
 A change in sleep routine

Why do a child cannot understand the taste of food during fever?

Fever is responsible for changing the way a food is tasted. During fever there is a rise in the body
temperature which in turn affects the oral cavity.
When our body is suffering from fever the water content in the body decreases. This result in
dehydration. It also causes dryness inside the mouth thus affecting the taste of the consumed food.
If you want your taste buds to remain unaffected include plenty of water to your diets along with
food containing Vitamin C.

Clothes your little munchkin should wear during fever

Do not overdress your child at the time of fever. During this time the body always set a new but high
temperature. Your child will face cold due to the new temperature. On the other hand, the intake of
medicines will decrease the body temperature. As a result the child will sweat.

Make the kid wear light dress as overdress may trap the excess heat of the body causing the
temperature to rise. They must wear a single layer of clothes and can wrap blankets when cold.

The must eats

During this time the metabolism boosts up. Thus, the child should have a small but frequent meals
which are also easily digestible. Ample quantity is extremely important.

Fluids such as soups (veg and non-veg), rasam, coconut water, dal water, lemon juice containing
honey and ginger, buttermilk (runny in texture), ginger water, etc. are recommended.

Rice porridge, dhokla, idli, curd rice (well cooked), dosa, khichdi are the best food options.
Biscuits without cream can be given if the child refuse to have any food.
Foods that are a big no-no
Food with little or no nutritional value are not at all recommended. These includes: processed food,
chocolates, junks, food from any takeaways and snacks.


Do not panic when your kid is suffering from fever. Make sure that medicines are taken on time.
Allow the child to relax whenever he/she wants to.


Author Megha Mahajan

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