Fight Breast Cancer with Avacados

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Avocados are one of the most popular foods for the Americans. Known for their numerous amounts of health
benefits, here is one more discovery which suggests that avocados help fight breast cancer.

Avacados contain cancer-fighting anti-oxidants

It is a well known fact that avocados provide an abundant amount of nutrients, one of which is the phytonutrient, this substance helps prevent many chronic diseases including cancer.
Avocatin B, a type of fat found in avocados has found to eliminate the source of acute myeloid leukemia (AML),
which is a particularly rare and deadly form of cancer. After a study conducted by Cancer Research in 2015, it
was discovered that Avocatin B helps in eliminating the toxic cancer stem cells without affecting the healthy

Carotenoids are a family of antioxidants found in avocados. The California Avacado Commission has found
that Lutein which is one of the 11 types of carotenoids present in an avocado, helps lower the risk of prostate
cancer. In 2005 a study was conducted by analysts at the University Of California, which proved that it would
be more effective if we use the entire Hass Avacado fruit rather than pure extracted Lutein.

The study discovered that an entire avocado was 60% more powerful in destroying the prostate cancer cells.
Furthermore in Jamaica in 2012, researchers examined 209 men who were suffering from cancer and 226 men
who were cancer free. After this they presented a diagnosis stating that consuming avocados lower the chances of prostate cancer due to the levels of monounsaturated fatty acids present in them.

Fight Breast Cancer with the anti-oxidants in Avocados

Even though there is not enough evidence to prove that avocados can cure breast cancer, we do know how
powerful they are when it comes to dealing with prostate cancer. Therefore as the causes for breast cancer are
similar to most reproductive cancers, the cure to them will also be similar.

In general, studies have shown that lutein is directly responsible for preventing breast cancer. Intake of foods
with high lutein, such as spinach, kale and avocados are advised by Nurses’ Health Study as a healthy
prevention for Breast cancer.

Breast Cancer aside, there are various other benefits of avocado. Some of which include their ability to improve
digestion, boost heart health, help in weight management, make your skin glow and improve the health of your
liver. It is a rich source of good fats, vitamins and minerals.

In conclusion, avocado is not only helpful to fight breast cancer, but is a powerhouse super-food with multiple
health benefits.

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