Constipation are the most common problem in children. Here is the easiest ways to get rid of it!!

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Toilet training to stand in one long queue is not the only struggle that your child need to face.  Struggling with constipation us equally difficult.

How will you diagnose that your kid is suffering from constipation?? A child is said to be constipated on the following grounds:

 If he/she passes dry, hard bowels.
 If the kid’s stool contain blood.
 If the child faces bloating.
 If he/she passes stools not more than thrice in a week.

Side-effects of constipation Constipation may result in the following side-effects:

 Loss of appetite
 Pain during the bowel movements or passing of the stool.

The best part of this problem is that it has an effective home remedy. However, neglecting the problem is not safe to health!!

Healthy bowel movements have a significant contribution to good health. Let’s see how??

Causes of Constipation

The underneath circumstances lead to constipation:
 Diet containing high sugar and low fibers: It is very usual that the children are very much allergic to fresh vegetables and fruits. Thus, most of the time their diets comprise of chocolates, packaged snacks, candies, cereals which can be the major cause of constipation.

 Neglecting the natural call: The kids are fond of playing. Sometimes, it happens that on the course of playing they just ignore “that” situations. Holding the bowel movements for a long time also lead to constipation. In such cases diets comprising high fibers will have little or no effect.

 Side-effects of supplements: Routine supplements or medicines may affect the bowel movements. Iron supplements are one of the common medications which result in hardening of bowels.

Easy remedy to Constipation

 We adults are the inspiration for our child. Make sure that they make a habit of visiting the restroom every morning.

 If your child remains engaged in playing remind them to visit the restroom after certain intervals.

Home Remedies to relieve constipation

The homemade remedies are the best way to get rid of your child’s constipation.

 Add plenty of water to their diets.

 Include dry fruits like raisins and fruits like apple to boost their metabolism.

 Include loads of leafy vegetables in the meals as they are rich in fibers.

 Encourage the child to indulge in lots of physical activities for the better moving of cologn.

Author Megha Mahajan

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