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What are most commonly asked Questions Regarding Anxiety Disorder?

Are you suffering from anxiety disorder due to excessive worrying unnecessarily? That means you have become prey to generalized anxiety disorder. It is such an ailment where the person concerned becomes too much worried unnecessarily. As per recent studies, above 5% of the population experience such a symptom. What is Generalized Anxiety Disorder? It is […]

Constipation are the most common problem in children. Here is the easiest ways to get rid of it!!

Toilet training to stand in one long queue is not the only struggle that your child need to face.  Struggling with constipation us equally difficult. How will you diagnose that your kid is suffering from constipation?? A child is said to be constipated on the following grounds:  If he/she passes dry, hard bowels.  […]

Importance of Calcium in health of women

Women need sufficient amount of calcium for their body functions like blood clotting, nerve and muscle functions at different stages of life. Women should have the awareness of the concept of importance of calcium in their body. In this regard, women should consume dairy products in sufficient amount to meet the needs of calcium in […]