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What are most commonly asked Questions Regarding Anxiety Disorder?

Are you suffering from anxiety disorder due to excessive worrying unnecessarily? That means you have become prey to generalized anxiety disorder. It is such an ailment where the person concerned becomes too much worried unnecessarily. As per recent studies, above 5% of the population experience such a symptom. What is Generalized Anxiety Disorder? It is […]

Anxiety in older adults

Anxiety is very common in young people or even with adults. Many people are diagnosed with anxiety or mental depression from ages lying from 15 to 40. Anxiety can put people with mental distress or mental depression. This condition may be termed as anxiety disorder. Researchers have revealed that elderly people are more prone to beattacked by […]

Common Bone Disorders in Elderly

As humans approach towards aging with time, strength of the bones gradually decreases. The bones control some important functions like muscular contraction, messages through nerves. Thinning of the bones make the functions hampered. The quality of bones decreases with time and thinning of bones start to become fragile. Then the elder persons are prone to […]

Why Senior Citizens Must Undergo Strength Training?

Age plays a very big factor in enhancing the overall functionality of the entire body. As a person grows older, everything starts deteriorating. Similar is the case with senior citizens. They always have a fear of falling down by losing their body balance. As a good observer, you will come across numerous senior citizens admitted […]