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Breast Milk Banks

Breast Milk Banks – Storing the liquid gold   Breast milk is said to be a baby’s first vaccine. It not only protects against infectious diseases but also helps in epithelial recovery and reduces the risk of death from hypothermia; especially in case of premature children who have a higher risk of infant mortality. Human […]

Childhood Obesity

The rising menace and how to prevent it   Childhood obesity has now become a global epidemic, rising at an alarming rate and a problem  which needs to be addresses head on. It is estimated that the number of obese children will be close to 70 million by 2025. Obese children often grow up to […]

Childhood stress

Carefree childhood is rapidly becoming a myth as more and more children – as young as 5 years – grapple with stress. Small amount of stress is considered good as it helps develop adaptability, resilience, and encouragement to work hard. However, beyond a certain level, stress can greatly  affect a child’s physical and mental health. […]

Constipation are the most common problem in children. Here is the easiest ways to get rid of it!!

Toilet training to stand in one long queue is not the only struggle that your child need to face.  Struggling with constipation us equally difficult. How will you diagnose that your kid is suffering from constipation?? A child is said to be constipated on the following grounds:  If he/she passes dry, hard bowels.  […]