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Childhood Obesity

The rising menace and how to prevent it   Childhood obesity has now become a global epidemic, rising at an alarming rate and a problem  which needs to be addresses head on. It is estimated that the number of obese children will be close to 70 million by 2025. Obese children often grow up to […]

Childhood stress

Carefree childhood is rapidly becoming a myth as more and more children – as young as 5 years – grapple with stress. Small amount of stress is considered good as it helps develop adaptability, resilience, and encouragement to work hard. However, beyond a certain level, stress can greatly  affect a child’s physical and mental health. […]

Start Taking Amla Daily And Say Goodbye To Extra Fat

Obesity is a genuine problem in recent days. It can happen for many reasons. Your lifestyle, taking junk and unhealthy foods often, eating preservative food, frozen food these are all the reason for obesity. Those who are working they do not find time for exercise or going for the gym. So they always find. An […]

What are most commonly asked Questions Regarding Anxiety Disorder?

Are you suffering from anxiety disorder due to excessive worrying unnecessarily? That means you have become prey to generalized anxiety disorder. It is such an ailment where the person concerned becomes too much worried unnecessarily. As per recent studies, above 5% of the population experience such a symptom. What is Generalized Anxiety Disorder? It is […]

Anxiety in older adults

Anxiety is very common in young people or even with adults. Many people are diagnosed with anxiety or mental depression from ages lying from 15 to 40. Anxiety can put people with mental distress or mental depression. This condition may be termed as anxiety disorder. Researchers have revealed that elderly people are more prone to beattacked by […]