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Why Catching up on Sleep May Increase Longevity

Why Catching up on Sleep May Increase Longevity You like to sleep in weekends, but you have certain pending work to complete – cleaning of your car, grocery shopping, cleaning your room, cleaning clothes and much more. It is seen that hitting snooze is actually good to your body: several studies have found out that […]

Simple steps for anxiety free life

Simple steps for anxiety free life Fear is one of the most powerful emotions and has a remarkable effect on mind and body. Anxiety is a type of fear too a thought or threat of something going wrong in the future rather than right now. Anxiety if short lived does not cause much harm but […]

What is menopause? Post menopausal weight loss

What is menopause? Menopause is the state which marks the end of the fertility for women. Menopause is said to occur when the women doesn’t have menstrual cycles for 12 consecutive months. During and after menopause, various changes occur in a woman body. One of the profound and commonly observed change is weight gain. Why women […]

Fight Breast Cancer with Avacados

Avocados are one of the most popular foods for the Americans. Known for their numerous amounts of health benefits, here is one more discovery which suggests that avocados help fight breast cancer. Avacados contain cancer-fighting anti-oxidants It is a well known fact that avocados provide an abundant amount of nutrients, one of which is the […]

Women Top 5 Health Concerns

Men and women both are concern about their health. Some of the health problems affect women widely in comparison to men. Women are the backbone of a family if they suffer from any type of health problem, they creates a negative impact on her family. In a survey, it has seen that women suffer more […]

Easy Workouts For New Mom

Easy Workouts For New Mom Being a mother is the best gift for every woman. But after delivery, they face many problems as well.stress ,Depression and Gaining weight are three things every woman go through post delivery. Due to that, they go into depression. Nowadays in many articles in print media as well as reports […]

Breast Milk Banks

Breast Milk Banks – Storing the liquid gold   Breast milk is said to be a baby’s first vaccine. It not only protects against infectious diseases but also helps in epithelial recovery and reduces the risk of death from hypothermia; especially in case of premature children who have a higher risk of infant mortality. Human […]